Living the Word of Wisdom is My Choice

Learn about the blessings promised for living the Word of Wisdom. Make sure to focus on the things we “should” do and not just on things we “should not” do.

Faith in God: Learning and living the gospel; Read D&C 89. Discuss how Heavenly Father blesses us when we faithfully live the Word of Wisdom. Help plan and conduct an activity to teach the Word of Wisdom to others.

Personal Progress: Integrity Value Experience #1; Integrity is the willingness and desire to live by our beliefs and standards. Read Moroni 10:30–33 and think about what it means to “deny yourselves of all ungodliness.” Read the pamphlet For the Strength of Youth. Reflect on how the Lord’s standards differ from the world’s standards. Record in your journal appropriate standards … Also write your plan to stay morally clean and worthy to attend the temple. After keeping your standards for at least one month, record your feelings in your journal and continue to keep your commitment.

Duty to God: Understand Doctrine; Look at the list of doctrinal topics … and choose four or more that you would like to learn about … For each topic you study, create a simple outline. It could include: (1) a definition of the topic, (2) teachings and examples from the scriptures and your own life, and (3) your thoughts and feelings about why this topic is important …


Spiritual Thought:

When asked why I don’t drink coffee or tea, I find it is a great opportunity to talk about my faith and the Word of Wisdom. Most people like to focus on the restrictions mentioned in the Word of Wisdom. Specifically, not drinking coffee, tea, or alcohol, nor using tobacco products or other harmful drugs.

Usually the person asking wants to know why we can’t drink or use these items, but despite some of the obvious scientific evidence most of these products are harmful, I don’t know or worry “exactly” why they are not good for my body. I try to focus on the law of health emphasized in the remaining verses in the Word of Wisdom and especially highlight the blessings for following this law. While sometimes I struggle with other commandments, I’ve been blessed to live the Word of Wisdom in faith and joyfully hope for the blessings promised as I live this mortal life.


Watch one of the following videos embedded below before you discuss the word of wisdom.

Word of Wisdom video

Leave the Party

Have someone read out loud For the strength of youth: Physical and Emotional Health. Highlight the Word of Wisdom as a law of physical and spiritual health. It is a natural law and will offer the same blessings to anyone who will follow it.

Reference the story of Daniel in the Old Testament as an example of living the law of health. The King of Babylon wanted to conduct an experiment on choice children of Israel to see what might happen if he nourished them for three years. Daniel was able to abstain from the kings meat and wine and Daniel received wisdom and visions. He became a choice and beloved advisor to the king.


As a family, read D&C 89. As you read, have family members identify those things we should and should not do to live the law of health. Have one family member make a list as you read. Be sure to discuss the blessings as well.

When you are done, look over the list and discuss the things your family is doing well. Then, discuss ways your family can improve living the Word of Wisdom, make a plan, and put it into action. Bare your testimony of the Word of Wisdom.

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