Family game with thimble

Thimble Game

Here is another fun and simple activity that my wife grew up playing with her family.

You need a thimble, a teaspoon, or teaspoon sized container for holding water, a cup of water to refill the container, and a hand towel.

First pick a player to start the game. They take the thimble and fill it with water. Then they think of a person, place or thing for everyone else to guess.

You play the game similar to twenty questions, but there is no limit to the questions. Family members take turns asking only “Yes or No” questions. Each family member gets to ask one question on their turn. If they want to guess the answer, they have to use their guess in place of their “Yes or No” question.

Simple family game with thimbleWhen someone finally guess’ the answer, they get the thimble full of water splashed in their face (It is only a small amount so don’t worry) by the person who started the round.

To continue the game, the person who got the water in the face now refills the thimble, picks a person, place or thing, and starts the game again.

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