Focus on the Temple

Becoming a Temple Focused Family

Family traditions involving the temple will strengthen generational desires for eternal blessings.

Set a goal for attending the temple. Whether it is once a week or once a year, be deliberate about your next visit so your family will know the temple is important.

I have a confession. After being sealed in the temple 16 years ago, we didn’t visit again for 4 years. We don’t have any great excuses. We lived about four hours away and had a young family. We were balancing a busy work schedule with worldly recreation. We didn’t avoid it, but we never made a plan to go.

After our second visit, we waited another 2 years before going a third time. We even moved to a place only 40 minutes away and it still took us over 6 months before using our dusty recommends.

We finally started to feel ridiculous for not taking advantage of living close to the temple and made a goal for someone in our family to attend once a month. The blessings for attending are wonderful and we started to recognize them in our lives.

When we moved again and were back to a four-hour drive, we set new goals for temple attendance. We made the effort to go every two months. After making the temple a priority in our lives, our opportunities for attendance became more obvious. If we travelled for business or family vacation, we looked for opportunities to visit temples near by.

The blessings of temple attendance

Making an effort to attend the temple more often greatly increased our spiritual strength. We had a better understanding of our covenants and grew closer together as an eternal family. Most importantly, our children received a testimony that the temple is important. They have all looked forward to opportunities to participate in baptisms for the dead and continue to look forward to receiving other ordinances and being sealed to their spouse.

Tips for making the temple a central focus in your family:

  • Set goals for temple attendance.
  • Display pictures of the temple in your home and in each child’s room. You can view photos on the gallery and order inexpensive prints from the online store. For higher quality artwork, check out LDS Wall Art on
  • Stop by a temple during a family vacation. Even if you don’t attend, your family will be uplifted by these magnificent buildings. Visit for a list of all the temples in the world. Use the map feature to quickly see which temples are near specific locations.
  • Set goals for family history work. Whether you can attend the temple or not, everyone can participate in family history work by researching family names, preparing them for the temple, sharing pictures and stories, or indexing genealogical records. Check out to get started now.

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