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Everyone has Faith in Something

Faith in the Scientific Method

Spiritual faith is often labeled as ignorance by the world, yet much of the world’s knowledge also requires faith. Preparation: Watch the movie Evolution vs. God embedded below (38 minutes). The purpose of this lesson isn’t to prove or disprove…

Why We Set Goals

FHE Lesson about why we set goals

When we set goals and work hard to accomplish them, we exercise several gospel principles related to our eternal progression. In order to exercise these many gospel principles, our family focuses on goal setting three times a year. First: We set goals at the…

Faith in Prayer

Ether's Faith

We exercise faith in prayer by believing our Heavenly Father loves us enough to answer. We must recognize His answer is not always what we are expecting. Preparation: Opening Song: Consider using A Child’s Prayer, Children’s Songbook #12, or Sweet…