Share your testimony

How Strong is Your Testimony?

Bless your family and friends by sharing your testimony often.


Spiritual Thought:

Your testimony is stronger than you think.

I usually take notes in sacrament meeting. I want you to know that I cherish testimonies shared by members. After reviewing a 4 year journal of sacrament meeting talks, it is clear that every speaker imparted wisdom and the spirit.

Some of you may be thinking This guy obviously hasn’t heard me speak!

Sure, there have been some strange and awkward moments, but the love of God is clear and your testimony is important to me. Sometimes I’m inspired. Sometimes I’m strengthened. Sometimes I learn I’m not the only one who struggles with weakness. But, I’m always grateful for your willingness to share!

So share your testimony and share it often. Many people believe their testimony is insignificant or of little value. If anything, this is satan tempting us to discount our value and worth so we will keep quiet. He does not want us to open the valve and release this magnificent source of the spirit. A testimony has so much value and when we share it, we strengthen it.

Bottom line: If you are still terrified to share your testimony with the world, make sure you share your testimony often with your family.

You can do this during family scripture study, family home evening, family meals, or just about any time you are reminded of something you know to be true.

Alma the Younger and Enos are just two examples of wayward children who remembered the teachings of their parents. The sharing of testimony was no stranger to these homes.


Use the Testimony Glove or Questions about Bearing Your Testimony to discuss how to share a testimony.

Have your own family testimony meeting. Occasionally we do this activity for family home evening or at home after Fast Sunday. This is an opportunity to share your testimony with your children.

Your children should have a clear understanding of your conversion and your knowledge of the Gospel. Use clear terms such as “I know…” You will be amazed at the spirit in your home when you share these experiences together.

Watch the embedded video and consider sharing it with your family. Not everyone experiences a conversion as powerful and drastic as this man, but each of us has experienced a conversion at some point in our lives.

Share your ideas or how you used ours