Set a Goal for the New Year

One of the most common New Year’s traditions is the New Year’s Resolution. So common that most people now just pay it lip service and are breaking their resolutions within a week of making them. Something Sarah and I have picked up along the way is “The Pursuit of Excellence”.

UPDATE: Last time I looked for this pamphlet on the online LDS catalog, I didn’t see it listed. We found a similar set of goals at the Pursuit of Excellence link.

The Pursuit of Excellence is a pamphlet that encourages you to achieve excellence in your life and focuses you to set goals and challenges in specific areas in your life that are in harmony with our church beliefs.

We order a new one each year for each member of the family old enough to understand it’s purpose. We like to fill it out together on New Year’s Eve and then keep the pamphlet with our scriptures. The goal would be to review it on Fast Sundays to remind you of your goals and progress. Then next year on New Year’s Eve, you share your goals with each other and how well you accomplished them before starting the process over again.

Share your ideas or how you used ours