Fun Family Game while hiding a ring

Ring, Ring, Who’s Got the Ring!


Here is a fun simple activity that my wife grew up playing with her family

Players sit in a circle and a string or yarn is used that is long enough to completely go around the circle. Thread a ring (My wife’s family always used her dad’s ring) or a bead with the string and tie the ends to make a complete circle

Now that we are set up the fun can begin. Pick one person to sit in the middle and close their eyes. While their eyes are closed, everyone around the string pretends to have the ring under their hands as they slide them back and forth in front and pretend to pass if off to the person next to them

As this is happening the ring is being passed around the circle and the players are chanting “Ring Ring, Who’s has the Ring”. You say it three times and the person in the middle opens their eyes and tries to find the ring.

While they attempt to locate the ring, everyone continues to bluff on having and passing the ring.

Whoever finally gets caught holding the ring, becomes the person in the middle and the process starts all over again.

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