Remembering the scriptures on our Nephite Hike

Remembering the scriptures on our Nephite Hike

Will your family remember the scriptures?

Lehi understood that his family could not keep the commandments if they did not know them.


This is not your typical family home evening idea. Use caution not to cause panic or traumatize children. Don’t be afraid to admit you are only playing a game.

Our four children were all under the age of nine when I came home with an announcement to make.

“I’ve received special instructions to flee our house. We have five minutes to gather everything we might need and leave. We will be safe if we go now, but if we decide to stay we will be in great danger.”

There was a flurry of activity and at least one of our daughters shed some tears. We made sure to confirm that everything was going to be okay. Mom and dad helped each child remember important items like clothes and a first aid kit. This served as a distraction, but also helped make sure we had more than blankets and stuffed animals.

We loaded all our stuff in a red wagon and walked as a family to a nearby park. The mood was somber and serious, but not out of control. We talked about all the things we would miss at home.

Remembering the Scriptures

Now here is how we wanted the lesson to go. Once we arrived at the park, we would look through what we brought to see if we forgot anything. Eventually we would realize we forgot to bring the scriptures and reveal the family home evening activity. We would discuss how Lehi and his family did the same thing when they fled Jerusalem. After discussing why remembering the scriptures was so important, we would send the kids back to fetch the scriptures (just like Nephi) and the refreshments. We would enjoy the rest of the night playing games outside.

What made our experience even more special was that one of our young daughters proudly came downstairs proclaiming “we will need the scriptures daddy!”

We still went to the park and talked about Lehi’s experiences, but we were all moved by the faith displayed by our daughter in remembering the scriptures.

The idea for this lesson came from “Keeping Your Kids Awake! during Family Home Evening” by Shelley Wille. The book has several very active and creative object lessons, including this one on the commandments.

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  1. Jacob FIler
    June 13, 2014 at 7:14 am

    A hike is a good way to build family relationships, and plus its fun.

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