Here are some gift ideas that have to do with LDS themes or family activities.

Searching the Scriptures by Gene R. Cook

I received this book as a gift and when I read it, I kicked myself for taking so long. After reading it, I realized how much more I could learn from the scriptures. It taught me how to study the scriptures as opposed to just reading them and I benefited greatly from the techniques I learned.

This is a great book for anyone looking to get more out of reading the scriptures.

I picked up a copy of this CD and really enjoy the songs. It is called
Primary Colors by Insideout and is filled with upbeat acappella versions of several primary songs.

Our family loves to listen to Scripture Scouts in the car, especially on Sundays and long drives. The stories of the scritpures come alive for children and they are fun. They are a great help for any parent trying to teach the scriptures to their kids.

There are also Scripture Scouts available for the New Testament and Old Testament and more.

I finally got around to watching Saints and Soldiers and boy was I amazed. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I really enjoy the war movies of the last few years (Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers, Band of Brothers) and I enjoyed this movie just as much as those.

Its no wonder to me why they won so many awards. This movie truly deserved it.

Every Father’s Day dad always gets a new tie. Dad can always use some new

Choose a necktie with an LDS print with Captain Moroni, Angel Moroni, Ammon, or Beehives.