Missionary Dinner

Our Most Spiritual Missionary Dinner

Making the most of your missionary dinner discussions.

The greatest missionary work we will ever do will be in our homes. … Our children and grandchildren are our most important investigators. – Robert D. Hales April 2010

We love to feed the missionaries. Over time our dinner conversation with the missionaries has evolved into a similar pattern. “Where are you from?”, “How long have you been out”, “What is the craziest food you’ve eaten so far?” Most importantly we’ve started including two discussion topics into every visit.

#1. I bear my testimony of missionary work and it’s effect on my personal life. Every time we do this, we invite the spirit into our home. I always try to uplift missionaries who may not see the immediate big picture of their efforts. I feel very blessed by the life changes the Gospel brought our family and I like to point out the generational impact the missionaries will probably never see from their efforts. It is also an opportunity for our children to continuously hear my testimony of missionary work.

#2. I ask the missionaries to share with our family how they truly decided to serve a mission. I do this because I was converted and did not serve a mission. This is an opportunity for my children to hear several different testimonies behind the decision to serve a mission. We have had some responses of “I felt it was expected of me”, but most of the decisions are based upon very moving spiritual experiences.

These discussions have always brought the spirit into our home and usually take some pressure off the missionaries’ efforts to offer our family a spiritual message. On the occasions when we’ve had non-member friends join us, it is a very natural and sincere way for them to experience our testimonies without feeling the get together was “staged” solely for them, because it wasn’t. It leads more naturally to future discussions when our friends want to know more.

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