Meaningful FHE ideas

36+ Ideas for More Meaningful Family Home Evenings

LDS websites offer many ideas for more meaningful Family Home Evenings.

After consistently following a basic plan for family home evening lessons, you should look for ideas to add quality to your FHE night.

Here are some of the many resources available through and official sites of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints*. Don’t let the amount of information available overwhelm you. Review these ideas from time to time and listen for promptings of the spirit to highlight ways for making your family home evening lessons more meaningful.

General FHE Ideas

Improve your Teaching Skills

Include Media

  • Complete listing of all videos available through
  • Include powerful videos of the Life of Christ. Chances are if your FHE idea includes scriptures from Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John, there is a video depicting the events. Your family can literally envision learning at Christ’s feet.
  • Develop a lesson around one of many powerful and uplifting Mormon Messages.
  • Develop lessons to include videos that were specially developed for sharing gospel principles with youth.
  • Include videos specially designed for primary age children. Many of the scripture stories use pictures and narration from the books developed for children.
  • Include hymns, children’s songbook, and other uplifting music from the music page. There is an online music player to play songs right from your computer or wireless device. You can also download most of the songs in MP3 format and add uplifting music to your collection for free.
  • Add pictures to your lessons using images from the Gospel Art Book.
  • Print out a coloring page for young children to support your lesson.

Children and Youth Ideas

  • For toddlers and young children, use the Behold Your Little Ones Nursery manual to teach age appropriate lessons and simple activity ideas.
  • When our daughter started reading from the Book of Mormon Stories for her personal scripture study, we were often surprised to hear her explain scripture stories during family home evening or family scripture study. We had her continue reading the Doctrine and Covenant Stories, New Testament Stories, and Old Testament Stories.
  • Include lessons from the new youth curriculum, Come, Follow Me. Material covers a different topic each month. This is a great opportunity to understand and reinforce lessons taught at church each week.
  • Find uplifting family or church activities from the Church’s Youth Activities page.
  • As an activity, include one of many craft ideas.

Most work for the youth programs Faith in God, Personal Progress, and Duty to God should be completed at home. They serve as an excellent resource for bringing together parents and children in teaching the gospel, learning by experience, and developing and sharing testimonies. These are excellent programs to include in FHE

  • Help baptized primary children complete Faith in God for Boys and Faith in God for Girls requirements by learning and living the Gospel, developing talents, and serving others.
  • Help young women complete personal progress by developing lessons which help them complete experiences. Give young women the opportunity to share value experiences with the family.
  • Help young men complete Duty to God by developing lessons which help them learn, act, and share from experiences with the gospel.
  • Not all family home evenings need to focus on spiritual activities. You can spend plenty of quality family time developing talents or on activities that will help youth with cub scout or boy scout advancements. *not a website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but still a core program of the Church.

Teaching Standards

  • Include the standards taught in For the Strength of Youth into lessons each week. Our family likes to quickly discuss a standard each week so the youth are familiar with these important standards shared by the Prophet. These standards are appropriate for all ages and could just as easily be titled “For the Strength of …Mothers …Fathers or …Bishops.
  • Utilize this For Strength of Youth Resource Guide to develop lessons specially designed to teach standards. It includes links to articles, talks, videos, and other materials for teaching and re-enforcing standards from For the Strength of Youth

Family History

  • Research and work on family history through If you login with your LDS username, you can prepare names for the temple, help others perform temple work through indexing, or add family stories.
  • Utilize the new My Family Stories program for family history. It was introduced in the April 2014 conference.

Other ideas

  • Watch or study a General Conference talk. Sometimes we don’t watch all of conference during conference weekend and we include talks we missed. We like to discuss different impressions or themes that stand out to family members.
  • All ages can learn lessons from Preach My Gospel. Learn to focus more efforts on teaching the Gospel. Understand the basics that are taught to all new members and when you have gospel discussions with friends, your mind will focus on returning to basic, true principles instead of discussing deep doctrinal questions which can’t be understood without the basics. Our family also likes to teach the missionary lessons to each child before their baptism.
  • Include institute lesson manuals for young single adult, single adult, and empty nester family home evening and scripture study.
  • Utilize True to the Faith to look up explanations for many gospel topics. You could use explanations from this resource in almost any family home evening.
  • Utilize the Friend, New Era, and Ensign Magazines. Church magazines are filled with age appropriate messages and include family home evening ideas.
  • Discuss budgeting and finances on the Provident Living page.
  • Study weekly Sunday School, Relief Society, and Priesthood lessons and contribute more to the gospel discussion at Church on Sunday.
  • As a family, review what is being taught in Seminary.
  • When all else fails, just search for any topic on

Share your ideas about using official church websites to create meaningful family home evenings. We will continue to update this list in the future.

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