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Making Christmas Count – A Christmas Tradition about Christ

We have many family Christmas traditions. Maybe too many. But with all the fun ideas, we found several of our traditions didn’t actually highlight the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Last year we discovered Making Christmas Count, a tradition highlighting Christ. It will be a central focus of our Christmas celebrations for many years to come. Best of all, anyone can start this tradition for free!

Making Christmas Count is a well-organized advent calendar focused on the Savior. Each day the advent cards use scriptures to highlight different characteristics of Jesus Christ. Each characteristic will support three of the major roles or themes from the Savior’s life:

  • Jesus our Creator
  • Jesus our Exemplar (our Example)
  • Jesus our Savior

The tradition is easily adaptable. There are playing cards for each day in December leading up to Christmas day and three more cards for a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in November (Usually Thanksgiving weekend).

Each card has the following information:Making Christmas Count Card

  • Date – Follow the dates provided or switch up the order to support any special activities planned during the holidays.
  • Theme – Highlights the role of the Savior.
  • Topic – Introduces special characteristic of Jesus Christ followed by a short explanation.
  • Scriptures – Lists 6-10 scripture references that support the topic of the day.
  • Activity – Simple family activity ideas to support the topic of the day. Many of the activities are things families often do during the holidays anyways. We found several new ideas, but just do the activities your family enjoys.
  • Symbol – Contains a picture on the other side of the card symbolizing the topic of the day. You can display the cards in many ways as you count the days until Christmas.

If you already participate in daily family scripture study, just use one card each day to discuss the roles of the Savior. If you don’t already participate in family scripture study, and want to begin this foundation building principle, these cards offer a perfect and meaningful outline to get started right away.

This idea is well thought out and professionally put together. The topics are doctrinally sound and supported by scripture. The awesome thing is the creator has made them available for free through download so any family can enjoy this tradition.

Use this link to download the Making Christmas Count family tradition advent cards and the user guide for free.

For a very reasonable price, you can purchase high quality color cards. They are printed on playing card style cardstock and stored nicely in a plastic storage case. We have no affiliation with this product and are not paid for this endorsement. We just think it is a great product and ordered several card sets to give as gifts to friends, family, and those we home and visit teach.

This is our new favorite Christmas tradition and really starts the holiday season with the focus on Christ. For some additional Christmas and New Year traditional, be sure to check out our other favorites.

Be sure to share your favorite Christmas traditions in the comments below.

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