Invite the Holy Ghost

Ways to Invite the Holy Ghost into our Lives

Heavenly Father gives us a wonderful gift on our Baptism Day. It is our responsibility to receive this Gift and invite the Holy Ghost to be with us.



Tonight’s lesson begins with an activity. After the opening song and prayer, start with the game “Hot and Cold”. Explain that there is gift hidden in the room/house and that you will only give two hints. When someone is getting close to the gift, you will say “hot”. When they are getting further away, you will say “cold”. When the person is wandering around the room be sure to say “hot” more loudly as they get closer and say “cold” more softly as they get further away.

If there are several people who want a turn, re-hide the gift and play a few times. After finishing the game, explain how the Holy Ghost whispers promptings to us in our lives. These promptings are usually louder or easier to recognize when we live the Gospel and are difficult to recognize when we don’t keep commandments.

Place the gift in the middle of the room as a reminder of the topic of the lesson, the Gift of the Holy Ghost.


Read Acts 2:38

Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

All of God’s children who come to this Earth have the influence of the Holy Ghost in their lives. The Holy Ghost often influences our feelings like Love, Joy, Peace, and Patience. This influence comes and goes, but when we are baptized and confirmed, it can be a constant companion.

After we are baptized by a priesthood holder we are confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ by someone who holds the Melchizedek Priesthood. Sometimes we get confirmed right after being baptized and sometimes we get confirmed the next Sunday during sacrament meeting. Melchizedek priesthood holders place their hands on our head and pray to our Heavenly Father in our behalf. During that confirmation we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Notice the word receive. This gift is depends on our willingness to receive it. This gift can be taken away.

Satan is constantly working to get us to make wrong choices. The Holy Ghost cannot stay in unholy places. When we don’t keep the commandments, we depart from the Holy Ghost.

For example, we may feel the Holy Ghost warning us not to watch or click on a link to an inappropriate video or website. If we choose to not turn off the video or not shut down the website, we should not be surprised when the Holy Ghost is no longer with us. As with any sin, we must go through the repentance process. One blessing of repentance is that the Holy Ghost will eventually return.

So what can we do to make sure the Gift of the Holy Ghost is always present in our lives? Review this quote from Elder David A. Bednar

We invite the Holy Ghost into our lives through meaningful personal and family prayer, feasting upon the words of Christ, diligent and exacting obedience, faithfulness and honoring the covenants, and through virtue, humility, and service.

Then watch the video “Having the Holy Ghost”

As a family, discuss the ways we invite the Holy Ghost into our lives.

Some possible answers include:

  • Pray to our Heavenly Father
  • Read scriptures
  • Obey parents
  • Be nice to brothers and sisters
  • Choose the Right
  • Keep reminders of Christ around you (pictures of Christ, CTR rings, Young Women medallions, etc…)
  • Give service

After making your own list, try to decide as a family some things you can do to strengthen the connection to the Holy Ghost in your home.

Close with a prayer and open up the gift to enjoy your treat.

Have an idea for strengthening the Holy Ghost in our daily lives? Share it in the comments below.

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