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Follow the Prophet

This lesson will help primary children complete their Faith in God requirements reviewing the words of a prophet from General Conference.

Read a recent general conference address given by the prophet. Decide what you can do to follow the prophet, and do it. – Learning and Living the Gospel, Faith in God


  • Read general conference talk titled “How Firm a Foundation” by Thomas S. Monson for this specific lesson or go to the Conference archive on and pick a recent conference talk to read through.
  • Most talks have clear and specific guidance among stories and testimonies. If you choose a different talk than suggested, try to decide what guidance to share with your family. Share a story or testimony that sums up the purpose for the guidance. Then discuss the guidance given and how you personally or your family can benefit from that guidance. Then discuss ways you can follow the guidance in your lives better than you are now.
  • Ask an adult family member to have Root Beer and Vanilla Ice Cream for Root Beer Floats or some other family treat available the night of your FHE.



Have someone read aloud the following story:

President Tanner was president of the vast Trans-Canada Pipelines, Ltd., and president of the Canada Calgary Stake. He was known as “Mr. Integrity” in Canada. During that first meeting, we discussed, among other subjects, the cold Canadian winters, where storms rage, temperatures can linger well below freezing for weeks at a time, and where icy winds lower those temperatures even further. I asked President Tanner why the roads and highways in western Canada basically remained intact during such winters, showing little or no signs of cracking or breaking, while the road surfaces in many areas where winters are less cold and less severe developed cracks and breaks and potholes.

Said he, “The answer is in the depth of the base of the paving materials. In order for them to remain strong and unbroken, it is necessary to go very deep with the foundation layers. When the foundations are not deep enough, the surfaces cannot withstand the extremes of weather.”

Over the years I have thought often of this conversation and of President Tanner’s explanation, for I recognize in his words a profound application for our lives. Stated simply, if we do not have a deep foundation of faith and a solid testimony of truth, we may have difficulty withstanding the harsh storms and icy winds of adversity which inevitably come to each of us.

Mortality is a period of testing, a time to prove ourselves worthy to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. In order for us to be tested, we must face challenges and difficulties. These can break us, and the surface of our souls may crack and crumble-that is, if our foundations of faith, our testimonies of truth are not deeply embedded within us.

Explain that “President Monson goes on to offer 3 guidelines to help us in our quest. They are:

  • First: Fortify your foundation through prayer. “Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire, uttered or unexpressed”
  • Second: Let us study the scriptures and “meditate therein day and night,”
  • Third: Building a strong foundation of faith and testimony involves service.


  • After having reviewed the guidance President Monson gives ahead of time, choose one of the three topics and share a story from his talk or your own personal testimony to illustrate his point.
  • Discuss as a family how you can better heed the guidance of President Monson in your daily lives.
  • As an activity, play your favorite board game or decide ahead of time how you can do some service as a family.
  • Ask a family member to give a closing prayer and enjoy refreshments.

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  1. Jacob Filer
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    I wish my family was this entitled to Christ 😀

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