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Christmas Books

We have many Christmas traditions that continue to evolve over the years, but one of my favorites is reading Christmas books. It can be so easy to forget about why we actually celebrate Christmas and so a lot of our Christmas traditions are to focus on the spiritual side of the Holiday. One thing we do is read a different story or book every night that has to do with Christmas. We read from the scriptures some of the nights and from other books on other nights. After the holidays are over, we pack up the books with the rest of the decorations so that we can find them again next year.

christmasbagOne of my favorite stories I want to share with you here. We have a print out with the story on it and we keep it in a small gift bag along with several miniature items that are mentioned in the story. The story explains the different symbols of Christmas. One additional thing I like to do is to make up some extra bags with the story and share it with the families that I home teach. It’s a very simple and fun gift to share with a family.

Download the story here. The underlined words are the objects you want to have in the bag.

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