Boo Halloween Tradition

Boo! your neighbors and watch it spread

After our last move Sarah and I were introduced to a new Halloween tradition that quickly became a favorite and makes the coming of October exciting every year. One day in October we came home to a Trick-or-Treating pumpkin filled with candy sitting on our porch. Along with the pumpkin was a note explaining we had been Boo!ed. The sheet of paper asked us to place the “Boo” sign in our window so everyone would know we had been Boo!ed and in the next 24hrs, it was our duty to spread the joy by placing two more pumpkins with others to spread the joy.

We really enjoyed the idea and saved the materials for the next year so that we could start the movement of pumpkins in our neighborhood and watch it spread throughout the base. On October 1st we sneakily left two pumpkins on neighbors doorsteps and watched the joy begin. By the end of the month, almost every house within a few blocks could be seen with “Boo” signs and many could be seen on house windows miles away.

If you would like to start Booing your neighborhood next year, I suggest the following advice.

Start the Boo on October 1st so you can get the full effect of the Boo spreading by Halloween.

We have always done it anonymously, but you might consider leaving a clue if not just leaving your name so the person receiving the Boo! will not suspect foul play with the treats.

You may use this word document to start your Boo! Just right-click on the link and choose “Save Target As” to save to your hard-drive.

Share your ideas or how you used ours